Penalty and sale delays for mobile homes in disaster areas. PA 096-1211.

(Effective 7/22/10)

Those who own mobile homes in declared disaster areas are now provided a delay of penalties and sale Homes for sale bethesda maryland by the Illinois General Assembly. 35 ILCS 515/9.3. Under the Homes for sale bethesda md amended Mobile Home Local Services Tax Act, the county board of a county designated a disaster area may adopt an ordinance postponing penalties and orders of sale for owners of mobile homes damaged in the disaster. For mobile homeowners with damaged homes, taxpayer penalties for the present or previous year shall not accrue until a court enters an order of sale Bethesda Md Homes for Sale for the property. A person may then pay delinquent taxes on the affected mobile home without penalty until the court enters the order for sale.

The Homes for sale in bethesda maryland county board may provide by ordinance the date upon which the privilege taxes become or became delinquent and to which date the taxes will remain postponed. The county also may delay payment of the penalty until the established postponed delinquency Homes for sale bethesda maryland date. The county also may order the county collector not to serve notice or apply for judgment of sale on the damaged mobile homes. The county collector also may be ordered to refund any taxes paid during the year of the declared disaster.

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