new home sales consultant compensation structure?

The highest pay is 1.5% commission on the base price of the house. Not too many builders Homes for sale bethesda md are paying top dollar today, but the good times might come back.

The lowest is Homes for sale bethesda maryland apx $40,000 per year fixed salary Homes for sale in bethesda maryland with 2 days off per week.

The absolute lowest pay if for "hostesses" who don't have a realty license but who just keep the doors open. That is minimum wage and frustrating because buyers want information and a hostess is not allowed to answer real estate questions.

The sales consultants are given their marching orders every Monday morning about what Homes for sale in bethesda md discounts they can offer that week. If you want discounts Homes for sale bethesda md above what everyone else is getting; ask for the Sales Manager's phone number. You have to offer something in return.... maybe non-refundable earnest money or a quick closing.

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